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    As a member, I enjoyed last evening’s meeting at AKL Uni. It’s good to see that we are so well-focused and prepared for future developments.

    I am a retired aircraft engineer, hoping to make a viable and sustainable contribution to humanity. I chose handcarts.

    Handcarts have been an essential element of human development, but they never reached many areas of the world, where they could be most beneficial.

    There is no evidence that provision of handcarts is being considered or addessed by any government, or organisation.

    In my opinion, development, without handcarts, is like supermarkets, without shopping carts.

    The United Nation estimate that some 40 million people (mostly women and children), physically carry loads of water, and other essentials, to the detriment of their health, education, security and development. How will these people ever progress under conditions like that?

    A well-designed, suitable, reliable and durable handcart is not “rocket science” or really “engineering”, but it could be the catalyst that enables very many people to escape from conditions of drudgery and poverty.

    To get the ball rolling – I initiated the KoruCarts concept, to design and test a range of welded steel handcarts, specifically for humanitarian, aid and development purposes. These improved handcarts can either be made locally, or imported.

    KoruCarts does not make or distribute handcarts. We simply support and advise governments and humanitarian organisations, regarding best handcart designs and production standards, so they may gain the inertia and confidence to integrate handcart distribution into their current and future agendas.

    Please let me know, if EWB NZ, or individual members, would like to participate in the KoruCarts concept. There’s more information at Facebook “KoruCarts”.

    Kind regards.


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