Hiroshi Ito

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    My name is Hiroshi Ito and I’m a WelTec(Wellington Institute of Technology) student representative for Engineering New Zealand.

    In late-March or early-April this year, we are organizing engineering student BBQ at WelTec campus for signing-up engineering students to Engineering New Zealand. At that event, I’m interested in introduce Engineering Without Borders and Humanitarian Engineering to engineering students at WelTec.

    I’m a first year civil engineering student and joined EWB a month ago, I don’t have a contact in Wellington Chapter yet. Would that be possible to introduce me to Wellington Chapter of EWB, so I can discuss what options are? Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Hiroshi Ito

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    Student Membership

    Thanks for your interest in joining EWBNZ and welcome to the humanitarian engineering movement.

    Student membership of EWBNZ is $15, if you would also like to make a donation to EWBNZ you can select a different amount below.

    An email with your receipt and membership number will be sent to you once payment is verified.


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