Robert Cardwell

PhD candidate at University of Auckland
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    Buy a ticket for the EWB 10 Year Celebration


    Single ticket prices are as below:

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    Student $50  $60
    Professional $95  $95 still

    If you are having issues with buying a ticket with your credit card please try opening a paypal account and linking your credit card to it. 

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    Walk for Water Auckland

    Why do we Walk for Water?
    "29% of the population still does not have access to safe drinking water service. The burden of acquiring water for families falls disproportionately to women. In parts of Africa and Asia, this burden is an average of 20L carried six kilometers."

    As engineers and humanitarians, we at EWBNZ find these kinds of statistics unacceptable, and are working hard to help local engineers design, operate and maintain locally sourced supplies in a culturally appropriate context.

    Help us help women and communities by supporting us this World Water Day on our annual Walk for Water challenge.

    How does it work?
    On the 22nd of March, we will walk as a team carrying 20 litres of water each, on a 6 km loop of the Auckland CBD.

    However, the walk itself is only a small part of the picture. Each week as you prepare for the challenge, you will share your story with the world. You will raise awareness for the the plight of the women and girls who have to do this every day, missing out on precious time to study and help look after their families. The EWBNZ team will provide information, support and help you spread the message! 

    What will I get out of it?

    You will:

    • Enable communities to look after their own water supplies
    • Understand more about water issues that affect people globally 
    • Challenge yourself both physically and mentally
    • Receive a Walk for Water t-shirt to wear on the day after raising $150
    • Meet like-minded humanitarian people through team training!

    That sounds awesome, how do I sign up?

    Send through an RSVP below and we will be in touch!

    Don't forget to click "going" on our Facebook page.

    This event is proudly sponsored by Water New Zealand, The New Zealand Water and Wastes Association:
    March 22, 2019 at 4pm
    Auckland CBD
    24 rsvps rsvp

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    EWBNZ relies on the generosity of our supporters to fund our work.  Donations form a key part of our income which in turn helps us support inspirational community organisations across the South Pacific and New Zealand as well as nurturing and empowering future community development professionals prepared to make a difference.  Your contribution will not only directly support our existing community and educational initiatives but will help us scale up our efforts to reach further and have greater impact.  So whether you’re a passionate individual or a caring company get on-board and help EWBNZ reach it’s potential, and together, we can make a positive contribution to the world's disadvantaged communities.

    You can help us with consistent year-round funding by setting up a monthly donation or complete the form below to give us a one off donation.



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    Professional Membership

    Thanks for your interest in joining EWBNZ and welcome to the humanitarian engineering movement.

    Professional membership of EWBNZ is $50, if you would also like to make a donation to EWBNZ you can select a different amount below.

    An email with your receipt and membership number will be sent to you once payment is verified.


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